Selling Spanish Sunsets

The Technology Module

Fascinated by the exciting lifestyle of a real estate broker in Spain?

Want to learn about this booming market and how you could also succeed in it?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets is perfect for you!

This TECHNOLOGY video-Module from our highly acclaimed Selling Spanish Sunsets course is perfect for you if you are:

• Thinking about starting your career as a real estate agent in Spain but have no idea what CRM and MLS mean
• Interested in the new technology and AI and its possible usage for a real estate agent
• ⁠You would like to get acquainted to Chat GPT
• Someone who is always looking for new efficient technology to introduce into your daily life

In this video Module Marina Nitzak – co-founder of LMG Real Estate and the Academy, is going to talk about the usage of technology in real estate to two experts – Alfredo Bloy Dawson and John Gutierrez.

Alfredo Bloy-Dawson is one of Spain’s most sought-after marketing consultants. During the seven years Alfredo was Marketing Director at one of Spain’s leading real estate marketing agencies based in the Marbella area of the Costa del Sol. With extensive experience in real estate marketing now Alfredo is a well-known expert who advises to several successful real estate companies.

John Gutierrez is a Business Development Director at Bravent, IT consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies. John is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in business development within the IT industry. He always leverages the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

Along with other aspects the module will cover:
· Key technology aspects and tools in real estate in Spain
· What is a CRM and an MLS, their purpose and functionality
· Types of CRM and lead integration, do’s and don’t
· What are the standard and average % of leads to sales conversion
· The importance of the post-sale service and how to use technology to optimize it
· How AI can help you as real estate agent with productivity, content and listings
· Practical examples of the most useful ways to use Chat GPT for the real estate broker tasks