Selling Spanish Sunsets

The Social Media Module

Fascinated by the exciting lifestyle of a real estate broker in Spain?

Want to learn about this booming market and how you could also succeed in it?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets is perfect for you!

The SOCIAL MEDIA video-Module from our highly acclaimed Selling Spanish Sunsets course is perfect for you if you are:

– Interested in building your personal brand as a real estate expert in Spain
– Convinced that creation of social media content is for professionals only
– ⁠Curious how many leads you can get from your social media page
– A real estate agent in Spain or another country and would like to learn more about social media

In this video Module Marina Nitzak – co-founder of LMG Real Estate and the Academy,
asks the social media expert Kseniya Lozhchenko questions about personal brand and the importance of social media for a real estate agent. Right now personal brand transmitted via social media is one of the main sales and marketing tools for success. In terms of expat real estate, it can also enable you to start your real estate career and income remotely.

Kseniya Lozhchenko, Senior Real Estate Advisor at LM Group Real Estate, has an extensive experience in social media marketing. She has a strong presence in social media that allows her to get steady flow of warm leads.

Aspects covered in this Module include:
· Why it is important to maintain consistent branding and leveraging different Instagram features
· How you can engage with the diverse client demographics using social media
· What are the practical tips for creating engaging video content
· Steps for creating reels and key rules for crafting selling captions
· Top mobile apps to use