Selling Spanish Sunsets

The Sales Module

Fascinated by the exciting lifestyle of a real estate broker in Spain?

Want to learn about this booming market and how you could also succeed in it?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets is perfect for you!

The SALES video-Module from our highly acclaimed Selling Spanish Sunsets course is perfect for you if:

• You are not sure where to start when it comes to sales in real estate business
• ⁠You want to look at sales from a different perspective
• You want to understand what drives real estate buyers apart from logical reasons
• ⁠You want to have a transparent and trusted relationship with your clients

In this video Module hosted by Marina Nitzak – co-founder of LMG Real Estate and the Academy, you are going to learn what it takes to succeed in real estate sales, one of the most specialized, complex and rewarding business opportunities.

Marina is introducing some of the NLP based tools to facilitate your sales strategy, including:

· What sales techniques are the most applicable when selling real estate
· Which client engagement channels to use: from networking to referrals
· What you can do to make the communication as transparent and honest as possible
· Why empathy is a key ingredient when selling real estate
· How trust and self-confidence starts within yourself