The Legalities Module

Fascinated by the exciting lifestyle of a real estate broker in Spain?

Want to learn about this booming market and how you could also succeed in it?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets is perfect for you!

The LEGALITIES video-Module from our highly acclaimed Selling Spanish Sunsets course is perfect for you if you are:

• Thinking about buying a property in Spain and would like to know more about the buying process
• An investor who wants to have a short tour around the legalities applicable to Spanish real estate
• A real estate agent in Spain who would like to have an overview of all the legalities applicable in real estate
• ⁠A real estate agent in another country who would like to understand the legal side of real estate industry in Spain

In this video Module Marina Nitzak – co-founder of LMG Real Estate and the Academy, asks the law expert Irina Panyushkina about the legalities applicable in real estate in Spain. This Module is a real treasure and a must-have for the real estate buyers, investors, agents and others involved in this sector in Spain.

Irina Panyushkina is a corporate lawyer with practicing experience in 3 jurisdictions, specializing in company, real estate and immigration law, the founder of the law firm Marbelex Legal Services.

Along with other aspects the module will cover:

· Introduction to the legal procedures in Spain’s real estate market
· Key aspects and stages of property purchase
· The main differences between the purchase of a resale property and a new built property
· KYC – what is this and why it’s so important in real estate transactions, key aspects and how to prepare for it
· What is NIE and why you need it to buy a property
· Property purchase remotely: use of Power of Attorney and other tools
· How your marital status can influence property ownership
· What are the key documents and steps in a due diligence to ensure the property is safe to purchase