Selling Spanish Sunsets

The Introduction Module

Fascinated by the exciting lifestyle of a real estate broker in Spain?

Want to learn about this booming market and how you could also succeed in it?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets is perfect for you!

 This INTRODUCTION video-Module from our highly acclaimed Selling Spanish Sunsets course, hosted by Marina Nitzak – co-founder of LMG Real Estate and the Academy comprises the folllowing subjects:

1 – Introduction to Selling Spanish Sunsets Course: Marina introduces the course offered by LMG Real Estate Academy, designed to inform individuals about the real estate agent profession in Spain and help them determine if it’s a suitable career path.

2 – Course Founders and Purpose: Marina, along with her partners Juan Manuel and Alfredo Bloy Dawson, founded the academy due to the increasing global interest in becoming a real estate agent in Spain, driven partly by popular media and the lack of strict regulations in the country.

3 – Unique Training Opportunity: The course aims to provide practical knowledge and experience, filling a gap in the market for English-language online programs specifically tailored to expats interested in the real estate industry in Spain.

4 – Comprehensive Curriculum: The course comprises 10 modules covering various aspects such as market understanding, legalities, finance, technology, marketing, and personal branding, designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge.

5 – Post-Course Options: Upon completing the course, participants can explore career options such as joining an agency, starting their own real estate business, or pursuing further advanced training offered by Realty Pro Spain, with the ultimate goal of creating a fulfilling lifestyle in the real estate industry, whether in Spain or elsewhere.