Warm Welcome to LMG Real Estate Academy from its founders:

Juan Manuel Velilla & Marina Nitzak – co-founders of the highly successful LMG Real Estate agency based on Costa del Sol and Alfredo Bloy-Dawson – the highly acclaimed real estate marketing consultant in Spain.

Their combined hands-on experience, know-how and behind-scenes of the real estate market in Spain (that hardly anyone else would be open to share), makes this a very unique offering.

In each training program there is also an interactive collaboration from some of the most trusted expert partners that add great value and perspective to each aspect.

LMG Real Estate Academy was born following the ever growing global interest in the unique lifestyle of real estate agents, generated partly by the popular reality shows and TV series, as well as the social media world that showcases glamorous stories of jet-set realtors selling luxury villas on sunny sea shores.

LMG Real Estate Academy, is the long awaited solution for many expats from all over the world searching for an online educational program to learn the “what, why & how” of becoming a real estate agent in Spain. 

So, do you love the idea of becoming a Star Real Estate agent selling multi-million euro villas in one of Spain’s vibrant cities like Barcelona, or on one of its sandy coasts like Costa del Sol?

Do you want to find out if you have what it takes to triumph in this multi-billion euro industry and lead one of the most enviable lifestyles, full of fun-in-the-sun, open house parties and celebrations of successful property sales?

Do you enjoy working with people and feel that you have what it takes to facilitate property buyers find their perfect home and assist with a life changing move to another country?

Then Selling Spanish Sunsets program could be just perfect for you!

Selling Spanish Sunsets is the first practical 5-week online course based on interactive video master classes with some of the industry’s top experts.

It’s conveniently structured into 10 Modules with easy-to-manage bite-sized tutorials, tasks, self assessments tests and a Diploma upon completion.

The content of Selling Spanish Sunsets includes many aspects of this exciting booming market:

⁃ Market overview, structure and processes
⁃ Practical Legalities, including basic documentation knowledge
⁃ Optimal mindset, communication, sales and soft skills
⁃ Real estate agent tools, technology – including AI / Chat Gpt
⁃ Marketing, lead generation & Social media
⁃ Mortgages, taxes, Golden Visa and other related aspects of real estate

Apart from the founders, high profile contributors in the course include

Irina Panyushkina Kuznetsova

Irina Panyushkina Kuznetsova

Founding Partner, Marbelex Legal Services

John Gutiérrez

John Gutiérrez

Business Development Director, Bravent

Simon Boxus

Simon Boxus

Mortgage Expert

Luis Jiménez Machado

Luis Jiménez Machado

Partner, Carrera Abogados & Economistas

Kseniya Lozhchenko

Kseniya Lozhchenko

Senior Real Estate Advisor, LM Group Real Estate

This practical 5-week online training program is priced at €790, but during the initial launch period, you can purchase for a limited special offer of just €390!

Next on will be the Realty PRO Spain program for international entrepreneurs, launching in September 2024, priced at €1,550.

The Titan mentorship program will be available from November 2024 to just 10 elite candidates per year for €15,000.

Other tools and programs already in development include self assessment quiz: Real Estate Skills Wheel (purchase it for just €19!)